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* Review * SERGEANT’S CHRISTMAS SIEGE by Megan Crane

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SERGEANT’S CHRISTMAS SIEGE by Megan CraneSergeant's Christmas Siege by Megan Crane
Series: Alaska Force #3
Published by Berkley on October 29, 2019
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Danger lurks in the wilds of Grizzly Harbor this Christmas but it's love that has Alaska Force in the cross-hairs, from the USA Today bestselling author of Sniper's Pride.

When straight-arrow, by-the-rules Alaskan State Trooper Kate Holiday is sent to investigate a local band of secretive commandos in remote Grizzly Harbor over the holidays, her least favorite time of year, her objective is clear: disband Alaska Force and arrest them. But Kate didn't count on the diabolical temptation of Templeton Cross. The former Army Ranger exudes charm and has absolutely no respect for the rules of law that govern Kate's life - too bad he also makes her mouth water and her knees weak.

Templeton has always been good at keeping his game face on and his emotions hidden, especially in combat. But working with Kate brings back memories of losses he prefers to keep locked up tight. As the pressure mounts - and Christmas draws closer - it’s a given that someone's going to get hurt.

Trouble is, the more time he spends convincing his careful, wary trooper that there’s more to the holidays than her memories, the more he wants to keep her around. Forever.

But forever is the one thing a man like Templeton can't do. Not even at Christmas.


With book three in her Alaska Force series, Megan Crane brings us SERGEANT’S CHRISTMAS SIEGE pitting a former Army Ranger turned Alaska Force member against an Alaska State Trooper bent on taking them down if they are up to anything illegal. This enemies to lovers story is my favorite of the series and held my attention throughout!

Kate Holiday is a confident, gutsy Trooper for the state of Alaska and takes her job of bringing down corruptness seriously. As we learn her history, we begin to understand just what pushes her to be so cold and calculated.

Templeton Cross uses laughter as a ruse to hold himself aloof from connecting with people. He would die for his brotherhood, but he doesn’t have any use for love and connection otherwise.

I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a complex, action packed plot with an underlying romance peaking through to tempt us. I think each book in the series has grown stronger along the way and this one topped them all for me. Enjoyed it!


* Review * RANCHER’S WILD SECRET by Maisey Yates

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * RANCHER’S WILD SECRET by Maisey YatesRancher's Wild Secret by Maisey Yates
Series: Gold Valley Vineyards #1
Published by Harlequin Desire on November 5, 2019
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He’s come to Gold Valley with a hidden agenda…

not to fall for his enemy’s daughter!

Emerson Maxfield is the perfect pawn for rancher Holden McCall’s purposes. She’s engaged to a man solely to win her father’s approval, and the sheltered beauty never steps out of line. Until one encounter changes everything. Now this good girl must marry Holden to protect her family—or their desire could spell downfall for them all…


RANCHER’S WILD SECRET is book one in the Gold Valley Vineyards spin-off series by Maisey Yates and promises to bring passion and drama to the forefront. Centering around a rancher and the daughter of his sworn enemy, this story of forbidden love is quick to hook a reader as secrets unravel, betrayal is exposed and love begins to outshine revenge.

Holden immediately grabs attention as a powerful man who will stop at nothing to get revenge for the wrong his family has suffered. He’s complex and developed just enough to keep us guessing.

Emerson is high-spirited and loyal, but when secrets are exposed that change her entire outlook on the world she has been living in, she finds the strength to stand up for what’s right, no matter how much it hurts her heart.

I highly recommend this book to anyone enjoying drama and passion mixed in with strong family presence and happily ever afters. I look forward to seeing how this quartet plays out!


* Review * THE REBEL by Joanne Rock

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE REBEL by Joanne RockThe Rebel by Joanne Rock
Series: Dynasties: Mesa Fall #1
Published by Harlequin Desire on November 1, 2019
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He’ll take what’s his—

including the woman who stands in his way.

Marcus Salazar has come to Mesa Falls to buy out his half brother and gain control of the media empire that was his brainchild. But when COO Lily Carrington shows up, she poses a threat to his plan—and his libido. Not even her engagement of convenience to another man can dim Marcus’s desire for her, even as Lily fights for her own future at Salazar Media…and against her attraction to Marcus!


THE REBEL is book one in the brand new Dynasties: Mesa Falls series from Joanne Rock and based on this first peek into the world, it promises to be filled with lots of drama and passion! Forbidden love is top of mind as we meet Marcus and Lily and watch them try to resist temptation.

Marcus is determined to take control of the business he brainstormed into existence even if he has to go through his difficult half-brother to do so. They grew up estranged amid family drama and still have no use for each other as adults.

Lily is his brother’s friend and former assistant/turned COO of said company and is being sent by his brother Devon to fill in for him when he’s delayed for their big meeting. Lily thinks her loyalty is to Devon until the feelings she tries to bury for Marcus flood to the surface and refuse to take no for an answer.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys some family drama along with their romance. The story was fresh and satisfying, and the underlying mystery with their late father is carrying forward through the series. Really enjoyed it!


* Review * DARK ‘N’ DEADLY by Tee O’Fallon

* Review * DARK ‘N’ DEADLY by Tee O’FallonDark 'N' Deadly by Tee O'Fallon
Series: Federal K-9 #3
Published by Entangled: Amara on October 21, 2019
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ATF Special Agent Eric Miller and his explosives detecting K-9, Tiger, pull over a truck, the contents of which are explosive. Literally. More shocking, the driver is the kid brother of a woman he left behind. One who still haunts his days and his nights.

They’d never so much as kissed, but Tess McTavish never forgot the handsome, dangerous agent who vanished in a shroud of mystery. Now the last thing she needs is an ATF agent with his own agenda. Doesn’t matter that Tess and her brother are innocent. If Eric learns the truth of their past, they’ll never be free.

Eric’s drive for revenge against the man who targeted him and his colleagues in a deadly explosion still burns hot inside him. Another bomb is about to be detonated and he’s sure there’s a connection between that man…and Tess’s family. But Eric and Tiger will do everything they can to protect the woman he’s falling for from what’s coming...


Full of action and intrigue from page one! DARK ‘N’ DEADLY is the third book in Tee O’Fallon’s Federal K-9 series and revolves around an ATF Special Agent and a woman out to protect her little brother in a quasi reunion/enemies to lovers story.

Eric was quick to command attention from the very beginning when he listens to his gut instinct and pulls over a suspicious truck. He’s a well developed character with a past that haunts him and that has led him to this place looking for revenge and justice.

Tess is a strong, independent woman who will do anything to get her little brother out of trouble. She failed him in the past, and she won’t be able to live with herself if she does it again. Secrets just might be her downfall with Eric … but will it be worth it if she saves her brother?

I highly recommend this story to anyone loving an action packed mystery filled with intrigue, romance and camaraderie. The entire series has been attention grabbing, but this one stole my heart as my fav so far!