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* Review * SEDUCTIVE SECRETS by Cat Schield

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SEDUCTIVE SECRETS by Cat SchieldSeductive Secrets by Cat Schield
Series: Sweet Tea and Scandal #4
Published by Harlequin Desire on October 1, 2019
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A mysterious woman he can’t resist.

“I intend to get to know the real you.”

When one of Charleston’s oldest families is infiltrated by a beautiful stranger, tycoon Paul Watts vows to reveal the truth. But when his grandfather’s health miraculously improves after mistaking Lia Marsh as a long-lost granddaughter, Paul has no choice but to follow along. While he must expose Lia, soon he’s the one with the secret—he desires the woman who could destroy everything he holds dear…


SEDUCTIVE SECRETS is book four in Cat Schield’s Sweet Tea and Scandal series and centers around a cyber security tycoon who reigns from old Charleston money and a free-spirited nomadic massage therapist in this unique take on an opposites attract/enemies to lovers story.

Paul comes across as a gruff, no nonsense type of guy as he jumps in to question who this stranger is visiting his vitally ill grandfather in the hospital. He is quick to doubt the answers he receives and vows to figure out who this woman really is and what her motives are for cozying up to his family.

Lia has never been one to settle down in life. She enjoys moving from town to town when the mood strikes her and picking up new adventures along the way. When approached to visit a sick family member of a friend, she is happy to do it … but Paul makes it clear she’s not all that welcome.

I recommend this book to anyone enjoying a very family centric plot that pops up a few secrets that have to be dealt with along the way towards that happily ever after.

* Review * WICKED SINNER by Stacey Kennedy

* Review * WICKED SINNER by Stacey KennedyWicked Sinner by Stacey Kennedy
Series: A Dangerous Love #2
Published by Forever Yours on October 15, 2019
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A gripping, heart-pounding romance from USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy about a former FBI agent who will do anything it takes to protect his ex, or risk losing her for good...

Asher Sullivan was once Remy Brennan's entire world--until he broke her heart into a million pieces. So when Asher crashes her wedding, Remy is certain he's come to claim her. To make her his again. Instead, it turns out Remy's groom is a con man scheming for her inheritance. Now all she's left with is an empty bank account, a serious case of lust for her gorgeous ex...and a duffel bag of cold, hard cash that might just fix all her problems.

Detective Asher Sullivan has always protected Remy. So when dangerous criminals start threatening her, Asher's most primitive instincts take over. Sticking by Remy's side means Asher is finally able to make amends for leaving her all those years ago. And soon they're giving in to their wicked, insatiable need. But just as Asher gets his second chance, a secret Remy is keeping could rip her away from him...forever.

Dangerous Love series:
Naughty Stranger
Wicked Sinner
Ruthless Bastard


WICKED SINNER is book two in Stacey Kennedy’s Dangerous Love series and brings together a police detective and his former high school girlfriend in a delectable reunion story. The story line is easy to become enthralled with and the characters are fun to get to know.

Remy almost immediately snagged this reader’s heart when upon hearing Asher object at her wedding, she thought her one true love had finally returned to claim her. He left her heartbroken years ago, so what’s a girl to think when she hears THAT voice just as she’s about to speak her vows to another man??

Asher was a complex character. On one hand I felt a grudge against him for how he had done Remy, but on the other hand, I admired his loyalty and devotion to protecting her from a conman.

I recommend this story to anyone enjoying some intrigue with their romance. It’s quirky and fun with just enough mystery to keep you hooked throughout.