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* Review * ALL FIRE UP by Lori Foster

* Review * ALL FIRE UP by Lori FosterAll Fired Up by Lori Foster
Series: Road to Love #3
Published by HQN Books on November 19, 2019
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He’s tantalizing trouble she can’t resist…

Charlotte Parrish has always wanted a certain kind of man: someone responsible, settled, boring. Bad boys need not apply. But when her car leaves her stranded and a mysterious stranger with brooding eyes and a protective streak comes to her rescue, she can’t deny how drawn she is to him. In town searching for family he’s never met, Mitch is everything she never thought she wanted—and suddenly everything she craves.

Finding his half brothers after all these years is more than Mitch Crews has allowed himself to wish for. Finding love never even crossed his mind…until he meets Charlotte. She’s sweet, warmhearted, sexier than she knows—and too damn good for an ex-con like him. But when his past comes back to haunt him, putting Charlotte—and the family he’s come to care for—in danger, Mitch isn’t playing by the rules. He’s already surrendered his heart, but now he’ll risk his life.


Be still my heart! The third time is indeed the charm when it comes to the hunky heroes Lori Foster has delighted us with in her Road to Love series. I’ve adored them all, but in her latest ALL FIRED UP, we meet Mitch, the half-brother that they didn’t know they had, and he is delightful!

Raised by the queen of dysfunctional mother’s, Mitch has lived a harder life than most and finds himself looking for a place to belong. He’s an ex-con with a heart of gold and looking up the brothers he always knew he had out there somewhere seems like the right thing to do. He never expected to find a woman he can’t resist, or for danger to follow him to town!

As we know from loving Charlotte in the previous two books in the series, she’s sweet, she’s tough and she gives as good as she takes with those feisty guys she thinks of as brothers. She’s never thought a bad boy was her type … but man she’s can’t resist Mitch from the very moment she meets him. How will that play out when he’s stepping into the family she’s already a part of?

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great story of redemption. The characters draw you in from the very start and if you’ve read the rest of the series, you will love seeing so much of Brodie, Jack and the fam again. Really enjoyed Mitch and Charlotte!



* Review * SECOND CHANCE WITH THE SURGEON by Robin GiannaSecond Chance with the Surgeon by Robin Gianna
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on November 1, 2019
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Can healing his ex-wife…

…also mend their marriage?

When occupational therapist Jillian Keyser breaks her wrist, the last thing she wants is treatment from her ex-husband, Conor McCarthy. But as he is a leading orthopedic surgeon, she knows she needs his help! As she is forced to live again with the man who broke her heart, they discover a new understanding. With their connection as strong as ever, will the Christmas lights over New York shine on their relationship for a second time?


Happily ever after at it’s best! SECOND CHANCE WITH THE SURGEON by Robin Gianna is a heartwarming story filled with turmoil, misunderstandings and bittersweet reunions.

Jillian Keyser is trying to figure out where to go with her life when a broken wrist throws her for a loop and puts her smack dab where she didn’t want to be … face to face with her ex-husband!

Dr. Conor McCarthy is set in his ways and seemingly unfeeling, but nothing could be further from the truth when he realizes Jill needs help. It hurts him to have loved and lost the only woman he ever cared about, but he’ll sacrifice his space to come to her aid any day of the week.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys watching a couple overcome the turmoil, misunderstandings and hard feelings to come back around to the joy of how much they love each other. This book moved quickly with great attention given to details of their jobs, their connection and the past that led them both to jump to their own conclusions too fast.


* Review * RULES IN DEFIANCE by Nichole Severn

* Review * RULES IN DEFIANCE by Nichole SevernRules in Defiance by Nichole Severn
Series: Blackhawk Security #4
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on December 1, 2019
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A disturbed criminal wants to destroy her life.

After her colleague’s brutal murder, Dr. Waylynn Hargraves’s past makes her a suspect, but Blackhawk Security investigator Elliot Dunham is certain she’s innocent. When Waylynn’s research reveals she faces a danger worse than being framed, Elliot will defy all of the rules he’s set for himself in order to protect Waylynn from the killer who is stalking her.


Intense action from the start! With the fourth book in her Blackhawk Security series, Nichole Severn brings us RULES IN DEFIANCE which turns a friends to lovers trope into a daring race against time as danger lurks all around them. The characters are attention grabbing and the intrigue is top notch. Really enjoyed!

Elliot Dunham portrays his protective streak right from the first page when he jumps to attention when he hears Waylynn in distress. He’s lived a life of danger and deceit, but it doesn’t take a reader long to feel an affinity to the soul beneath the mask.

Waylynn has a secret past behind her that only makes her look guiltier when it comes to light … and that same past makes her believe she doesn’t deserve the goodness that Elliot could offer her. She’s determined to make a difference … and she’ll stop at nothing to make sure she can.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast paced, highly intense book filled with great characters, bewitching intrigue and that sought after happily ever after!