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* Review * SHAKEDOWN by Lani Lynn Vale

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SHAKEDOWN by Lani Lynn ValeShakedown by Lani Lynn Vale
Series: Souls Chapel Revenants MC #8
on November 9, 2021
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Wanted: someone to hand feed me Doritos so my hands don’t get orange. No weirdos.

Belle Pena was an editor. Not a writer.

When her brothers challenge her to create a dating profile, she makes up the most random biography she can think of. She never, not ever, thought she’d find anybody to respond. But she was sorely mistaken.

Sadly, she finds that she has way more interest than she ever could’ve imagined.

But only one profile catches her eye.

Bruno never meant to take the dating app seriously. Being the last single man in his band of misfits, he’s happy being the odd man out. Women spelled trouble, and he had enough trouble in his life to last him through the next decade.

Only his newfound family doesn’t feel the same. One innocent ‘sure’ has the women of the Souls Chapel Revenants MC creating him a dating profile that is too spot on to be comfortable. And just when he decides to delete the app entirely, a particular face catches his eye.

One innocent question of ‘Belle is that you? Do you remember punching me in the throat in high school?’ has him stepping into trouble neck deep, and he doesn’t even realize it until it’s too late.


Bruno is all we ever wanted and more! With the final book in Lani Lynn Vale’s highly addictive Souls Chapel Revenants MC series SHAKEDOWN brings love to Bruno and rounds out the circle of misfits that became a family throughout the series.

Belle is sweet, snarky and the best friend type you never knew you wanted. She fits right in with that crazy fun family of hers and it was so satisfying to see them all again.

Bruno hasn’t had an easy life, but he knows a good thing when he sees it and is happy to sweet Belle off her feet and become her man.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys a close knit group of unlikely friends who come together and make pure magic in everything they do to make the world a better place. I enjoyed the series a lot.


* Review * MAYBE WE SHOULD by Melissa Foster

* Review * MAYBE WE SHOULD by Melissa FosterMaybe We Should by Melissa Foster
Series: Silver Harbor #2
Published by Montlake on November 2, 2021
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After spending years wondering who she was, tattoo artist Cait Weatherby finally found her answers on the sandy shores of Silver Island. With two half sisters she never knew existed, a group of friends she adores, and a devastatingly charming admirer who flirts with her at every turn, she’s ready to figure out her next steps. The trouble is, Cait lives in the shadows of a dark past, and she can’t afford complications that might cause her to lose the family she’s only just found—complications like blue-eyed boatbuilder Brant Remington, who is as open as she is guarded. If only the sexy charmer would take the hint…

Brant is Cait’s opposite in every way, but he’s drawn to everything about the sexy newcomer—from the quiet strength that rivals the caution in her mossy-green eyes to her tough facade that he can’t wait to strip away.

As Brant works his magic, Cait’s walls come down. But as sweet as that feels, Cait knows how quickly good things can turn bad. It’s going to take more than a little trust to beat the ghosts of her past and claim the future they both deserve.


Sassy, sweet and sexily addicting! Melissa Foster is a sure thing if you are looking for a close knit group of family and friends who love hard and live life fully. With the second book in the Silver Harbor series MAYBE WE SHOULD brings Cait Weatherby’s story to life and delivers an emotional journey towards healing and love. I couldn’t have loved a couple more than Cait and Brant.

I was quickly hooked on Cait’s story as we learn about her newly found family and the life she left behind so many years ago. She’s wounded yet strong and a delight to see fall in love and open her heart to all the joys that life has to offer.

Brant is simply a doll. He saw her, he knew she was his one true love and he adorably made his infatuation known. I love the warmth of his family.

I highly recommend this book as well as the series to anyone who enjoys a little family drama mixed in with your sweet and sexy romance. The characters are close knit, the town is supportive and the love stories are divine!