** Blog Tour / Book Review ** FEAR OF FALLING by Catherine Lanigan



A sweet story about overcoming your fears and finding happiness!

Olivia Melton works hard with her Mom at Indian Lake Deli and on catering jobs and enjoys her life filled with her close relationship with her Mom and friends around town. She’s not looking for anything more, but can’t believe the attraction she feels for Rafe Barzonni when she runs into him.

Rafe is one of the heirs of the most successful farm around the area, and is passionate about horse racing.  When Olivia learns that last part, her stomach drops.  She has residual issues regarding gambling and horse racing because of the hard childhood she lived through as the result of an addicted father.

Will she be able to overcome her hatred of the sport and enjoy the growing attraction between she and Rafe or will she let her fear hold her back?

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Fear of Falling
(Shores of Indian Lake #5)
by Catherine Lanigan
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 368 Pages
March 1st 2016 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Her best bet is to stay away

Was Olivia hearing this right? The one man in Indian Lake she’d found truly intriguing since, well, forever—the hopelessly handsome heir to the region’s most successful farming operation, Rafe Barzonni—was involved in horse racing? That made him, and her sudden attraction, downright dangerous. He wasn’t just out of her league. He was a gambler. Like her father. With the shame of her father’s racetrack betting addiction still haunting her, Olivia can’t be part of that world. Rafe’s world. She can’t trust him, or his magnetism. But there’s something deep in his incredible blue eyes that keeps drawing her closer…

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Catherine Lanigan is the bestselling author of over thirty published titles in both fiction and non-fiction, including the novelizations of Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile, as well as over half a dozen anthologies, including “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living your Dream”, “Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul”, “Chocolate for a Woman’s Heart”, Chocolate for a Woman’s Spirit”. Ms. Lanigan’s novels have been translated into over a dozen languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. Ms. Lanigan’s novels are also available on audio-cassette, CD and on electronic format. A prolific writer, she is always writing wonderful stories. She has several titles only available in ebook format on Amazon.com Several of her titles have been chosen for The Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Clubs. Her novel, The Christmas Star, won the Gold Medal Award Top Pick from Romantic Times Magazine for December, 2002, and has also won Book of the Year Romance Gold Award from ForeWord Magazine as well as Book of the Year Romance from Reader’s Preference. In March, 2006 Divine Nudges: Tales of Angelic Intervention and the second in Lanigan’s Angel Watch series of books, was published by HCI, the Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher.


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** Book Review ** OUTCAST by Laura Marie Altom



The second book in the SEAL Team: Disavowed series does not disappoint!  It’s full of intrigue and has you trying to figure out who the good guys are right up until the end.  It was nice seeing the guys again from the first book in the series, Rogue … and can’t wait for Book 3 to get here!

Eden Marabella is fretting about the injustice of life when she arrives at her father’s research site in Antartica to join him on an excursion.  She’s just broken up with sexy ex-SEAL, Jasper King and is wishing things could have been different.

Jasper is at his wits end when he receives a voicemail from Eden and at the end, she says “They’re all dead”, then the call suddenly drops and he’s not able to reach her back.  He uses his connections to make his way to Antartica to check on her.  He arrives to find her father missing, strange happenings going on with the crew, and Eden being held hostage with demands for her to tell where a Nazi treasure vault  is located.  Will they figure out what is going on and make it out safely?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

** Book Review ** WANTING MR RIGHT by Joanne Dannon



A fun, sexy read that will have you picking sides in no time flat!

Logan Wentworth is a cold, business-minded lawyer who is only interested in working as many hours as possible and making partner soon.  He isn’t interested in friends, family and most of all love, which he doesn’t even believe in.  When he suddenly needs a fake fiance to impress his boss enough to give him a promotion, he can only think of one person for the job.

Daisy Roberts has a past of being a rude, self-serving party girl, but she and Logan have been occasionally hooking up for years, so he knows they have the chemistry needed in order to pull off this fake fiance ploy.  Daisy isn’t interested in seeing Logan anymore because she’s gone through several changes in her life and wants the happily ever after more than ever.  They both know she won’t get that from him, but he convinces her he can help her with a new business venture if she does this one little favor first.

What he doesn’t expect is how much being with her all day long every day makes him really enjoy her company.  Will they still part ways when this is all done, or has playacting a happy couple rubbed off on Logan more than anyone knows?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review **

** Book Review ** ENGAGED TO HER RAVENSDALE ENEMY by Melanie Milburne



My favorite Ravensdale sibling!  There’s just something about the chemistry between these two that made it my favorite yet in the series.

Jasmine Connolly is having horrible luck with men.  Now her 3rd fiance in just about as many years is telling her he wants a “break”.  She’s convinced he’ll come running back if only he has the right motivation.  She comes up with a plan to make him jealous.

Jake Ravensdale is a notorious playboy, and Jaz’s enemy for years now.  She grew up with his little sister and ever since she had a crush on him when she was a teen that he didn’t return, they have gone at it like cats and dogs whenever in the same room with each other. She can’t believe she’s asking him for a favor, but surely if Myles sees her spending time with him, he’ll hurry back to claim his woman!

When Jake agrees to accompany Jaz to a weekend work function, there are sure to be fireworks … but neither of them expect the attraction that flares up between them!

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review **

** Book Review ** NAVY SEAL CAPTIVE by Elle James



Great addition to this series!  Loaded with lots of anticipation of what kind of trouble is around the corner next for this sexy SEAL team.  I enjoyed seeing the guys again and can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Navy SEAL Sawyer Houston is having a little rest and relaxation with part of his team in Cancun … only it just doesn’t seem to be ending up that way!  First Duff stumbled across some trouble that they had to help solve, and now it’s Sawyer’s turn for mayhem.

Jenna Broyles has made her honeymoon trip with a friend instead of her would-be-husband who left her at the altar.  When she finally receives her missing luggage at the resort, she’s not prepared for what she finds inside and sets off to find the sexy guy she had ran into earlier that day to apprise him of the situation.

When Sawyer is whisked away by Jenna, he never expects the tale she gives him, and doesn’t know what to believe.  As they spend time trying to track down clues, they can’t fight the attraction between them.  Will this turn into more than just a vacation fling, or will danger end it before it’s even begun?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review **

** Book Review ** WHEN HE FELL by Kate Hewitt



This was an extremely riveting book and I highly recommend it!  It deals with a situation that teaches how much what goes on in your life can affect your child and how to deal with mistakes, blame and guilt when terrible things occur.

Josh and Ben are nine year old best friends enjoying life and their playdates, until something happens on the playground one day that changes their lives forever.

Maddie Reese is a single mom, working hard to get by and provide for her kid.  She isn’t expecting a call from the school that day, and sadly is alone in life to deal with the aftermath. She has no family other than Ben, even though she’s always yearned for a family connection.

Joanna Taylor-Davies runs her own dental practice and is married to Lewis who has a wordworking business.  Their son Josh has been on the quiet side since he was a young child, but since he starting going to school in Manhattan and became friends with Ben, he has blossomed.

Both mother’s set out on their own to find out what really happened at the school that day because each feels that secrets are being kept.  As these two worlds collide, will anyone ever be the same again?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

** Book Review ** THE CLOSER HE GETS by Janice Kay Johnson



I really enjoyed this book!  You’re drawn into the history of their family turmoil from the very first page, and the added excitement of the crime that is witnessed makes it even better.  I’m really looking forward to the 2nd part of this series to see the rest of Bran’s story!

Zach Carter is returning home to Clear Creek after almost 25 years away.  The upcoming anniversary of his little sisters death has made him finally willing to face his past in hopes of getting some long wanted answers as to who killed her.  He re-connects with his estranged brother Brandon, and even though they chose opposite sides between their parents, they are happy to see each other and hesitantly agree to work together to get some answers.

While on patrol for his job with the police force, Zach witnesses a fatal beating by a fellow cop, and meets fellow witness Tess Granath.  They quickly realize they are going to come under fire for not agreeing when the officer gives excuses for what happened and Zach steps in to make sure she is kept safe through it all.  He has never been a committing type of guy, but he can’t help the attraction he is feeling for this woman.

** Book Review ** EMERGENCY MARRIAGE by Olivia Gates



Definitely not my favorite book by this author, or by this Harlequin line, but I enjoyed reading it.  It taught you a lot about the medical hardship in other cultures.  I felt the connection between Laura & Armando was stretched and I just didn’t feel the attraction there to any great degree.

Dr. Laura Burnside went to Argentina chasing her dream job to be head of Global Aid Organization there.  Unfortunately, she was pushed aside and Dr. Armando Salazar is in charge instead.  Now she’s having to work under him, put up with his attitude, and to top it all off, she finds out she’s pregnant when the father is already gone from her life!

Armando has worked hard to put together a great hospital to help the area and has many employees who are loyal to his vision.  Laura is faced with a medical crisis, and as she recovers, he uses the time to re-connect with her about her feelings on the job and how they can incorporate their teams together more.  When he blows her away with a marriage proposal and the wish that she stay in Argentina with him, will she accept?

** Book Review ** COWBOY STRONG by Kelli Ireland



I adored this book!  I can’t tell you how many times I chuckled out loud at the sassy writing style and humor mixed in throughout.  The characters are great … sizzling hot chemistry mixed in with a true caring about each other even though they fight it a lot along the way. Highly recommend!  It’s a sexy, fun read and I promise you won’t walk away disappointed.

Tyson Covington is a sexy cowboy working hard to make a name for himself with his Quarter horse genetics program that he started as a teenager.  He’s having fun riding the rodeo on his way to a championship along side his sweet-addicted horse Gizmo.

His sexy rival, Mackenzie Malone, is right there along side him with her horse, Indie, and working just as hard toward her goals.  They’ve been friendly rivals for a long time, and on the days they are in the same area for competitions, they add some benefits to the mix.

When tragedy strikes and Ty and Gizmo are in a horrible accident, Kenzie steps in to help. Will Ty appreciate all that she’s done to get he and his horse on the road to recovery or will he push her away?

** Book Review ** TRAPPED WITH THE TYCOON by Jules Bennett



Really enjoyed the start of this new mafia series!  Power and secrets hold the cards behind the scenes of this family, but they will do anything for each other.  Can’t wait for the next installment!

Braden O’Shea is taking over the family business and has alot on his plate, but he makes time to ease himself into Zara’s life.  He needs access to her, so he plans accordingly and sweeps her off her feet.

Zara Perkins is an event planner and has several jobs going with the O’Shea’s right now, so she’s determined to ignore her attraction when Braden is near … but a girl can only take so much!

When she finds out he’s set this all up, will she be able to forgive him?