REVIEW: Having Her Boss’s Baby — Maureen Child

Having Her Boss's Baby


An enjoyable read!  You are introduced to Brady Finn, and to see him on the surface he comes off as some rich mogul who cares about making money and is standoffish and cold to all he meets, very single minded in work, work, work.  But then when you see him interact with his business partners, Mike and Sean Ryan, and you see what a brother-like relationship the three of them have together, you see a softer side.  And then in walks Aine Donovan.  She’s the Manager of the hotel the partners have just bought in Ireland.  The second she and Brady meet, there are sparks.  They are attracted to each other instantly, and seem to irritate each other just as quickly.  They fight their feelings for each other for weeks while they work on the remodel plans for the hotel, growing closer every day, and then one night, they give in to their passion.  She heads back to Ireland almost immediately after, and when he goes to visit several months later, he learns he’s going to be a Daddy.

Will he learn how to have a true relationship even though he feels like he’s never known love?  Will she learn how to reach through and break down the stone wall he has built around his heart?

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REVIEW: The Pregnancy Plot — Carol Ericson

The Pregnancy Plot


The continuation of the Brothers in Arms: Retribution series kept the intensity high with The Pregnancy Plot!  This was a quick read because I was too tied up in to seeing what happened next and didn’t put it down much in between chapters.

It picks up in Los Angeles with letting us meet Nina Moore, the ex-fiance of Simon Skinner who was the gunman responsible for the lab destruction in the prior book in the series, Under Fire.  Nina gets scared because she thinks someone is stalking her, possibly Simon, so she moves back home to Washington to fix up the Bed & Breakfast her Mother and Step-father ran prior to their deaths.  She had tried to locate Simon after they broke up because she found out she was pregnant, but was not able to find him.  She can’t shake this feeling of being watched and when strange things start happening around her, she is quick to pick up and go home.

Back in Washington, she quickly meets Jase Bennett, former Marine currently working for Jack Coburn as a Special Ops Agent at Prospero.  He passes himself off as Jase Buckley, a man just out of the military looking for a quiet place to write a book about his experiences.  His true objective is to keep Nina safe in case Tempest is after her while Jack investigates Max Duvall’s intel to see if there’s any truth to his stories of what happened with Simon.

With bodies accumulating around town, will Jase be able to keep Nina safe?  Who is connected to who, and what truth will come out?

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REVIEW: Hellfire, Texas

Hellfire, Texas

HELLFIRE, TEXAS — by Elle James — Part of the 12-Alarm Cowboys Collection


This book really drew me in from the start, and I didn’t put it down until I had read it all.  The characters are very easy to relate to, and you find yourself wanting to reach through the book and pinch some sense into Kinsey in the beginning when she’s not wanting the truth to come out.  Eventually she sees reason and you can relax again.

The story starts with Becket Grayson stumbling across old family friend, Kinsey Phillips, in need of help on the road leading to his family’s ranch.  When Becket finds out she’s fleeing an abusive ex, he is intent on helping her.  His family gets on board and they vow to keep her safe.  Being in close quarters with Becket causes the old crush Kinsey had on him to come rushing back, and he is finding grown up Kinsey hard to resist as well.  Read the book to find out what happens in this attraction of two childhood friends, and see if she is truly rid of her abusive ex or not.  I didn’t want this one to end!

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REVIEW: The Rebel Cowboy’s Quadruplets

The Rebel Cowboy's Quadruplets


Justin Morant lets his friend, Ty Spurlock, talk him into going to Bridesmaids Creek, Texas while he recovers from a rodeo injury that ended his career.  Ty makes him think that Mackenzie Hawthorne placed an ad on a dating site, when in reality, she isn’t looking for a man for anything other than help around the ranch.  She’s recently divorced from a dead-beat that ran off on her once she became pregnant with quadruplets.

The characters are very relatable and you find yourself pulling for them to overcome all of the obstacles being thrown at them and hoping they will wind up together.  Read and see if Justin can get Mackenzie to let another man close to her after her last experience, and see if Mackenzie can convince Justin that he’s a forever kind of guy.

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REVIEW: Surrendering to the Sheriff

Surrendering to the Sheriff


The continuation of the Sweetwater Ranch saga does not disappoint!  Exciting drama awaits you throughout the book as you follow the continuation of the hunt for answers.

Jewell O’Neal is in jail awaiting trial for murdering her rumored lover, Whitt Braddock, 23 years ago.  Her sister, Kendall is trying to prove her innocence, but hits a speed bump in her investigation when she has a one night stand with Whitt’s son, Aiden, that results in an unplanned pregnancy.

Aiden finds out about the baby as he’s trying to rescue Jewell from kidnappers who want evidence in the case destroyed.  Will the lifelong feud between their families out way the feelings that fly between them every time they are close to each other?  Read the book to see if Aiden can keep Jewell and the baby safe, and if love will prevail.

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REVIEW: Breaking Her Rules

Breaking Her Rules


Jennifer Snow has a knock-out on her hands here!

I really enjoyed this book! From the first couple of sentences of Chapter one, you are intrigued and drawn in to see what’s going on as Grace and Walker’s story starts to unfold. Grace is a MMA Fight Promoter in Las Vegas, and when her best friend Kylie calls her up needing a favor, she of course can’t say no. So what if she’s three weeks away from ending her lease and moving in with her boyfriend Erik, she still agrees to let Kylie’s big brother Walker crash on her couch until she moves.

Walker has just dropped out of law school to move to Las Vegas to take up MMA fighting full time and his disapproving father has cut off his trust fund, so he’s broke. Sparks start to fly as the old crush Grace had on him in school flares up and Walker finally notices she’s alive. Read the book to find out if their attraction will win out or if she will still be moving in with that boyfriend in a few weeks, and to see if Walker can pull off the first big fight of his career.

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Preserving Family Recipes


This book called out to me when I saw the cover and read the title. I am one of “those people” that has boxes of recipes from my Mom that need to be organized. I have the ones I truly treasure at this point, of being without her for over 9 years, that were written by hand. Just seeing that old familiar handwriting can take you back in time with just a glance. Then of course are the ones she cut out of magazines thinking to try someday.

In reading this book, I got some really good ideas on preserving the recipes, in particular her hand written ones, and some good points of how to showcase them. Some choose the recipe boxes, other binders that can be easily reorganized, and then others photo albums, etc.

I enjoyed the preservation and display info, and I enjoyed the writers stories throughout of her grandparents and parents through recipes that meant a lot to her. I did feel like there was a lot of filler in the latter chapters. I got the most personally out of Chapters 1 through 3 and Chapter 7.

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REVIEW: A SEAL’s Temptation

A SEAL's Temptation


Tawny just never disappoints … Sizzling HOT like always!

I really enjoyed meeting Lark and Shane. She’s a kind-hearted person who has given up her big city California dreams to step in to run her Mom’s dream coffee shop in small town Idaho. And he’s just a quiet, shy, all around nice guy who lives to be a Navy SEAL.

They are introduced via a plot by his sister, and sparks explode the second they set eyes on each other. They’re both convinced they are having a hot fling just while he’s in town, but will they be able to walk away? Read the book to find out the ups and downs of devotion to family, the heartache and guilt over loss, and the utter joy that the simple things can bring.

I couldn’t put it down!

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REVIEW: A Rancher of Her Own

A Rancher of Her Own


A lovely, family-oriented read!

Jane Garland returns home to her Grandfather’s ranch for a family wedding. While there, her Grandpa schemes to matchmake another wedding in the family by pushing her, and ranch Manager, Pete Brannigan together. Sparks definitely fly, but Pete is reluctant to have much to do with her because he believes she is as career obsessed as his ex-wife was. Over the weeks, he finds it hard to resist falling for her, right along with his kids, Rachel and Eric.

Read this heartwarming book about an extended family to find out what happens along the way, and if Pete and Jane can manage to overcome their differences to start a life together.

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REVIEW: Under Fire

Under Fire


Exciting read!

The book grabs your attention from the very first page and doesn’t let go until the end. It starts out with a shoot out in Ava’s lab where she is the only employee left standing, then the gunman turns the gun on her. At the last minute she’s rescued by Max, who vows to keep her safe.

The book follows them on the run as they race to find a cure for Max’s brainwashing while at the same time, running for their lives from a covert ops agency who is trying to re-control Max.

Read to find out if they make it through, and to see where their desire for one another leads. Highly recommended read!

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