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I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* BLOG TOUR / REVIEW * RESCUED BY LOVE by Melissa FosterRescued by Love by Melissa Foster
Series: Love in Bloom: The Ryders Book 4
Published by World Literary Press on January 11, 2017
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As the daughter of a world-renowned fashion designer, Addison Dahl enjoyed a privileged life attending the most sought after parties, traveling around the world, and having anything she wanted. Until she broke free and went against her father's wishes, needing to prove to herself--and to him--that she could make it on her own. Now she's ready to take her adventures in a new direction and sets her sights on roughing it in the wilderness.

Jake Ryder followed in his father's footsteps as a top search and rescue professional. He spends his days saving those in need and his nights in the arms of willing women who offer nothing more than a few hours of sexual enjoyment. Just the way he likes it.

When Jake's sister-in-law calls and reports her best friend missing, it's up to Jake to find her and bring her home. But Addison isn't lost, and she sure as hell isn't going to be told what to do by an ornery mountain man with whom she'd spent one torrid night after her best friend's wedding. Jake has never left anyone behind--will Addison be his first failed rescue?

Melissa Foster has quite a way with words when she creates a sexy bad boy!  He might be slightly arrogant and a total player, but he’s adorably endearing and we have to fall for him anyway!  These Ryders are quite the bunch … a great, close-knit family that is always there to love and support each other.  I enjoy them so much … and can’t wait for more!

Jake Ryder has been lusting after Addison Dahl for months now, but she’s been playing hard to get.  He knows he gets to her, but she refuses to give in and have a fling with him.  He works hard as a Search and Rescue guy, but when he has some down time, he lives to enjoy life … and preferably a sexy woman!

Addy isn’t as immune to Jake’s charms as she tries to pretend.  She honestly hasn’t been able to get him off her mind in the months since they first met and he turned on the heated charm.  She doesn’t do feelings for a man … she just has a good time and lives for herself, so she’s NOT happy that this guy will not get out of her head!  She’s looking forward to getting away for a few days in the mountains and hopes that will give her a fresh perspective.

When temptation gets to be too much and they share a night together, will they be able to walk away?


Jake has never left anyone behind–will Addison be his first failed rescue?
The Ryders Book Four
Melissa Foster
Released Jan 11, 2017
World Literary Press


Addison Dahl is excited to return to Elpitha Island for her best friend Gabriella’s wedding. A weekend of sun and fun is just what she needs before setting out on her newest adventure—roughing it in the wilderness. Addison is tough, she’s independent, and she doesn’t “do” feelings toward men. But lately her friend—and Gabriella’s brother-in-law—sinfully sexy and ornery-as-hell Jake Ryder has been the star of her late-night fantasies, and she can’t get him out of her mind. It doesn’t help that the chemistry between them is scorching hot. With any luck, a few days in the wilderness will snap that craziness out of her head.

As a top search and rescue professional, Jake Ryder spends his days saving those in need and his nights in the arms of willing women who offer nothing more than a few hours of sexual enjoyment. But there’s only one woman he wants, and he’s spent the last several months trying to get beautiful, smart, and sassy Addison to give him one sinful night. He’s sure one night will lead to more.

The night of the wedding the heat between Jake and Addy ignites, and they’re powerless to resist their explosive passion. Wild kisses, sensual touches, and heartfelt conversations brings them closer together, and when the weekend ends, Jake is determined to keep Addy close and make her his. But Addy has other plans…



Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA
 bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and
heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance, and women’s fiction with
emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the
last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic, perfect beach
reads, and always family oriented. 


The spicy scent of Jake’s cologne overrode the aroma of grilled meats and casseroles Gabriella’s relatives had spent all day preparing. Jake rested his elbow on the bar beside her, brushing his muscular forearm against hers and sending ripples of awareness to her core.

Who was she kidding? There was no distracting herself from the biggest distraction of them all.

“I think there are still a few guys you haven’t danced with yet.”

Of course Jake would go straight to pushing her buttons.

“I’ll have to take care of that, won’t I? Gab’s brother, Niko, is looking awfully hot tonight.” Niko was the epitome of a Greek heartthrob. Tall, dark, handsome, and as touchy-feely as the rest of Gabriella’s warm and loving family. He was also a shameless flirt.

Jake ground his teeth together, nearly paralyzing her with a blistering stare.

“I haven’t seen you dance all night. What’s the matter? Not into sexy island girls? Because I’m pretty sure that guy over there by the tree bats for the other team.” She enjoyed taunting the lion, even if she didn’t want to get too close. Her pulse beat wildly, and her fingers ached to grab him by the collar of his dress shirt and yank him down for what she knew would be an incredibly hot kiss. She tried to keep from dropping her eyes lower, but she was no match for the enticing ever-present bulge beneath his zipper. The one that became even more prominent when they were near. And damn, she liked knowing she had that effect on him.

He leaned in close, his warm breath coasting over her cheek. “I’m not into dancing, but if you keep looking at me like that you might find yourself getting up close and personal with more than you can handle.”

She lifted her eyes to his, which had gone coal black, and she swallowed hard against the lust threatening to pour out her mouth. Addy was used to controlling every interaction and reveled in holding her own and taking what she wanted where men were concerned. Or at least she always had, until the King of Hotness standing next to her came into the picture. Jake definitely threw her off her game. Lately, when they were together, she caught herself wondering if what she was experiencing were actual emotions rather than impulses. That was one thing that had kept her from taking their flirting to the next level. His relationship to her best friend was the other. But boy did she want to cross that line. It had been way too long since she had been with a man, thanks to Jake. Every time she came close to satisfying the urge to feel the weight of a man pressing down on her and get lost in the throes of passion, goddamn Jake swam into her mind, stealing her focus and killing the moment. Her fantasy had become her own personal cockblocker.

In an effort to reclaim the upper hand and prove he did not rattle her, she dragged her eyes over his chest again and said, “I have yet to meet a man who comes close to being what I can handle, much less more.”

The edge of his lips twitched as if they might quirk up, but he clenched his jaw, making the muscles beneath his dark scruff jump. He shifted his eyes away just as Niko headed toward them with a warm and inviting smile, making those jaw muscles work double time.

Niko nodded at Jake and offered his hand to Addy. “What kind of brother would I be if I didn’t dance with my sister’s beautiful best friend? Care to join me?”

“I’d love to.” Addy reached for his hand, taking pleasure in the tension rolling off of the man who had yet to ask her for a single dance but had no trouble inviting her into his bed.


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* REVIEW * HOT COMBAT by Elle James

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW * HOT COMBAT by Elle JamesHot Combat by Elle James
Series: Ballistic Cowboys
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on February 1, 2017
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Can a sexy SEAL discover the truth before terror explodes?

Loaned to the task force taking on the most dangerous Homeland Security challenges, injured SEAL Jon "Ghost" Caspar is assigned to protect a former lover and her daughter…and prevent an imminent terrorist attack on his Wyoming hometown.

Single mom Charlie McClain hoped she'd never again see the gorgeous cowboy who broke her heart, but with her safety compromised, she needs Ghost. Can she still resist his rugged charms…and keep a bombshell secret about their affair?

With a terrorist on the loose, Ghost struggles to remain professional. But the elite bodyguard can't guard his heart against beautiful Charlie and her adorable daughter…

An exciting kick-off to a new series, Ballistic Cowboys, from Elle James!  We meet a handful of military guys from various branches who are being pulled in to work on a task force for Homeland Security.  Each book will center on a different guy, and to kick it off, we have Ghost’s story!  The characters are down to earth guys who are serious about their jobs and protecting the innocent.  I enjoyed the reunion story for Ghost and seeing him soften when he interacts with her little girl.

Navy SEAL Jon “Ghost” Caspar is on temporary assignment with a Homeland Security task force that has brought him back to his hometown of Grizzly Pass, Wyoming for the first time in seven years.  He’s being sent to protect a single mother and her daughter after some threats have been made on her since she turned in some intel.

Charlie McClain never thought she’d see her former lover again after he left town, so when he comes knocking at her door, she’s shocked.  She’s still drawn to him the same as she ever was, but she knows if he hangs around too long, he’ll figure out the secret she kept from him.  Seeing him interact so sweetly with her young daughter makes her heart melt though, and has her second guessing whether she was in the right with her previous decisions in life.  Will he decide she’s worth sticking around for this time, or will the end of this mission see him taking off again?



I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

*REVIEW* DANTE’S SHOCK PROPOSAL by Amalie BerlinDante's Shock Proposal by Amalie Berlin
Series: Hot Latin Docs
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on February 1, 2017
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An inconvenient desire

Growing up in the midst of her parents' fraught union, surgical nurse Lise Bradshaw has never wanted nor needed a man by her side. Until a sensual chance encounter with Dr. Dante Valentino on the dance floor of a Miami club sparks a full-blown passionate affair…leading to a shock proposal!

Dante knows what he wants—a family—and what he doesn't—love. But as the fire blazes between him and beautiful Lise he realizes that he's inconveniently falling for his convenient fiancée!

With the final story in the Hot Latin Docs series, Amalie Berlin brings us Dante’s story!  He’s an intense brooder with the weight of the past on his shoulders.  I didn’t connect with him quite as much as the other brothers .. I think maybe because he was more closed off with his secret past and less out there, but I did enjoy the draw between he and Lise.  It was a joy to get to know this family!

Surgical nurse Lise Bradshaw has never needed a man to make her life complete, so her plan for the future without one shouldn’t be all that surprising!

Doctor Dante Valentino has a big hang-up about letting anyone get too close.  He loved and lost a lot in his youth, and it cost him too much of himself.  He loves his family and he even wants a family of his own, but he’s not looking for love!

There’s a mighty strong pull of attraction when these work colleagues meet up on the dance floor of a jazz club, but the biggest shock is yet to come … when Dante proposes marriage!



I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW * NOT IN HER WILDEST DREAMS by Dani CollinsNot In Her Wildest Dreams by Dani Collins
Series: Secret Dreams Book 1
on January 15, 2017
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Small Town Secrets, Big Time Heartache

Paige Fogarty never believed Liebe Falls’ golden boy, Sterling Roy, could want a No Good Fogarty, but one magical night, they kissed—ruining her already murky reputation. Fifteen years later, she’s still shunned, now as a professional accountant auditing Roy Furnishings. It’s a daunting task even before she’s forced to work with him.

Sterling made a fool of himself over Paige once. Never again. He only returns to the factory his mother calls his ‘legacy’ to ensure Paige doesn’t pull a fast one. When their chemistry blazes hotter than ever, he wonders if he misjudged her, but secrets come to light, including an embezzler she tries to protect, proving she’s still the wrong girl. So why does holding onto her feel so right?

A drama-filled reunion story brings together two people who never got a real chance to be together because of teenage angst and misunderstandings.  We see them try to overcome their bitterness with each other and slowly start to open their eyes to what really happened and to what degree the other was really at fault.  A solid story with perhaps a few too many secondary characters to keep track of, but a pleasing conclusion and I look forward to reading the second in the series!

Fifteen years after being run out of her home town in humiliation, Paige Fogarty is back!  Unfortunately, so is the town’s golden boy who caused the bad reputation she was given.  She’s stuck tolerating him for however long it takes to do an audit of the books in the business their father’s run together … then she’s out of here!

Sterling Roy still holds a grudge against Paige and her family as well, but as they are forced in close proximity time and again, he starts to see that things might have happened differently than he thought. Just as he’s about to move forward, he realizes she’s protecting an embezzler!

Will they be able to get all the secrets uncovered and find a happily-ever-after, or will past deeds be unable to be overcome?



* REVIEW * GIVING IT ALL by Christi Barth

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW * GIVING IT ALL by Christi BarthGiving It All by Christi Barth
Series: A Naked Men Novel
Published by Loveswept on January 17, 2017
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Christi Barth’s smoking-hot contemporary romance series continues as the five best friends who survived a tragedy as teenagers take to their Naked Men podcast to open up about women. In Giving It All, the group’s globe-trotting hunk discovers that you need to go home to find love.

Logan Marsh never stays in one place for long. Through his family’s foundation, Logan spends his days traveling to the world’s most dangerous places to deliver disaster relief, which really puts a damper on his sex life—until he reconnects with his high-school crush. Stranded together in the Caribbean, they enjoy a steamy fling that awakens feelings Logan has ignored for too long. But family drama calls him away from her sweet embrace . . . or so he thinks.

Brooke Gallagher loved being a home economics teacher and cheerleading coach. Then an unexpected tragedy forced her to take some time off. Now she’s back in D.C. and despite the intensity of her tropical encounter with Logan, she’s shocked to bump into him again. Logan’s dealing with his own issues (including a newly discovered half-sister) and he’s itching to get back on the road. More than anything, Brooke wants to be there for him. But first, he has to decide if love is enough to keep him in one place.

If you haven’t tried A Naked Men Novel yet, you are missing out on a seriously fun bromance!  A group of five high school friends, bonded forever by a tragedy as teens … now living the good life while enjoying the continued success of their Naked Men blog turned podcast.  No matter how much they resist, one by one they are falling into their happily-ever-afters … and with the third book in the series, we get Logan’s story!  Great characters, sexy connections and a genuinely fun time!

An experience as a teen drove Logan Marsh to become the man he is today.  He lives for the moment because he never knows when he will be off on his next life-saving mission at the next great disaster!  He rarely finds time to be home with his pals, but he does a lot of great work with his family’s foundation for disaster relief all over the world!

Brooke Gallagher has recently suffered a life-changing experience and needs some time to simply find herself again.  Imagine her surprise when she runs into her old high school crush on a Caribbean island!  What better way to ring in a new chapter in her life than to have a sexy vacation fling!

When Brooke and Logan wind up back home in Washington, DC at the same time after leaving their secret getaway, will they be able to find a way to make a relationship work or will Logan decide that love isn’t worth more than his work?



I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW * HER SWEETEST FORTUNE by Stella BagwellHer Sweetest Fortune Series: The Fortunes of Texas: The Secret Fortunes
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on February 1, 2017
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Sophie Fortune Robinson is on a mission. The word around the office watercooler is that the boss's youngest daughter is intent on landing Mr. Right by Valentine's Day—and that she has her eyes, and heart, set on a certain hunk in Marketing. But when she enlists her longtime pal and coworker Mason Montgomery to teach her how to get a man to notice her, little does she know she's already captured his attention!

Now Mason's in a real bind! He has just a few short weeks to fight his way out of the "friend zone." On his agenda: convincing sweet Sophie that he is the real man of her dreams! Will Fortune smile on true love's venture?

A sweet friends to lovers story to take us deeper into the secret Fortunes drama!

Sophie Fortune Robinson may be the youngest sibling, but she has big dreams of being the next one to find true love!  She has her sights set on a Marketing hottie, and sets out to get him to notice her and be her Valentine!

Mason Montgomery is a self proclaimed geek working long hours on the tech side of the company, but he has been admiring Sophie romantically from afar for quite some time.  They are good friends and enjoy each other’s company … but she seems blind to his crush.  Can simply spending time with her show her that he’s actually the man for her instead of the womanizer she has her eye on?



I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** REVIEW **  TEXAS-SIZED TROUBLE by Barb HanTexas-Sized Trouble by Barb Han
Series: Cattlemen Crime Club
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on February 1, 2017
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A Texas reunion turns old rivals into soon-to-be parents

For as long as the O'Briens have run their ranch, their rivals have been the McCabes. So when Ryder O'Brien returns home to his brothers, only one thing can screw things up: getting involved with Faith McCabe. There's no temptation greater in Texas, and Ryder is about to pay the price for their forbidden fling.

Because just as their passion ignites, Faith up and leaves…only to return five months later, seeking Ryder's help finding her missing brother—and pregnant with Ryder's baby. Ryder O'Brien may have held grudges longer than he ought to, but he always does right by his kin. Especially when the woman about to change his life is in danger.

Falling for a member of the rival family in your town isn’t the smartest move, but Ryder O’Brien and Faith McCabe just seemed to happen upon each other when they both were in a place that they needed a friend … and more.  Though things ended badly, Faith knows that when she needs help, Ryder is the only one she can turn to!  The latest in Barb Han’s Cattlemen Crime Club series takes us through their story and the hunt for answers.  It’s exciting, riveting and gives us a happy feeling inside when we see how much they overcome to be together!

Faith might be a member of the dreaded McCabe family, but Ryder thought she was different from the rest … until she up and left him in a cold-hearted and humiliating way.  He has no use for the likes of her anymore either.

Faith didn’t want to end things with Ryder, but when faced with a situation that terrified her, she set a plan in motion that would extricate her from the relationship in the best way to move forward with her plan.  Now she’s back and asking for help to find her missing brother.  Ryder is hesitant to have anything more to do with her … until she drops her bombshell on him … they’re having a baby!  Can he get them through the danger that is stirring around them and keep them safe for the long haul?



I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** REVIEW ** RAFAEL’S ONE NIGHT BOMBSHELL by Tina BeckettRafael's One Night Bombshell by Tina Beckett
Series: Hot Latin Docs
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on February 1, 2017
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From passion to pregnancy!

An encounter with Rafael Valentino is brokenhearted Cassandra Larrobee's chance to live in the moment. It was supposed to be one night only, but the sinfully hot doc has left her with more than just memories…

Since a heartbreaking decision years ago, Rafe has been determined to remain alone—but when he's sent to work with Cassie he can't resist their reckless kisses! When he discovers Cassie's shocking surprise, can Rafe let her bring light into his shadowed life…and become a daddy to their baby?

A sexy yet sweet continuation of the Hot Latin Docs series!  I am really enjoying this family of brothers and seeing them continue to heal from past heartache and find their way into a world of love and bright futures!

Neonatologist Cassandra Larrobee isn’t a risk taker, but on the night she had her heartbroken by an ex, she decided to be wild for once in her life and seek the arms of comfort that she needed. One night … that’s all it was going to be … until she ran across him again … and discovered the lasting token of their passion that she was left with.

Epidemiologist Rafael Valentino spends his time living life for today with no thoughts of happily ever after.  He has past heartache and painful decisions weighing him down, and is happy to live life in the background where nothing ever falls on him again.

When Cassie & Rafe are called to work together on a medical scare, they can’t deny the attraction is still there.  As they spend more time together, it only grows stronger … and when they discover she’s having a baby, will it be the nudge he needs to open himself up to love and forever or will he decide he can’t commit to being a Daddy?


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Featured today is Harlequin Intrigue author JANIE CROUCH!  Thanks for joining me and sharing some of your favorites Janie!

Janie recently relocated with her husband and four children to Germany (due to her husband’s job as support for the U.S. Military), after living in Virginia for nearly 20 years.  When she’s not listening to the voices in her head (and even when she is), she enjoys traveling, long-distance running, movie-watching, knitting and adventure (obstacle) racing. Janie completed an Ironman Triathlon in 2014 and is prepping for another one in 2017.

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Omega Sector: Critical Response Book 6
Publication Date:   January 1, 2017



Someone’s always watching her…

Everywhere she goes, Rosalyn Mellinger has eyes on her. The Watcher follows her everywhere. It seemed hopeless, inescapable…especially when she met Steve Drackett on his vacation. Another person to be hurt by her stalker. But Rosalyn didn’t know Steve was part of Omega Sector—there was literally no one better to protect her, if she’d just open up to him. He had years of experience, and while the Watcher preyed upon Rosalyn, Steve would beat him at his own game.

But Rosalyn had a secret even Steve couldn’t see coming: a baby from his vacation romance…

Read an excerpt HERE!


Previous books in the OMEGA SECTOR: CRITICAL RESPONSE series:



Published:  January 1, 2016

He has to shut down the terrorists or lose it all. Including the woman he can’t admit means everything to him. 

Omega Sector: Critical Response agent Derek Waterman is hunting the architects of a lethal terrorist bombing. After weeks of chasing cold leads, he has finally found the evidence that could expose the perpetrators. But in order to take them down, he needs help from Dr. Molly Humphries, Omega’s lead forensic scientist. 

Shy Molly works to retrieve the data–and overcome her debilitating crush on the sexy agent. Derek carefully suppresses his mutual smoldering attraction, sure that his dark past will drive Molly away if she knows. But when Molly’s kidnapped, he will stop at nothing to save her. Even if a lethal enemy will do everything to keep him from doing so.

Read an excerpt HERE!



Published:  February 1, 2016

The Texas heat did nothing to stop an elusive criminal.

Omega Sector: Critical Response agent Jon Hatton is running out of options. If he doesn’t get a decent lead soon, a serial rapist will strike again. His best chances lie with the intuitive skills of forensic artist Sherry Mitchell, a beautiful woman struggling with PTSD. 

In exchange for her help, Jon teaches Sherry to manage her symptoms, and soon they are unable to resist their Texas-hot attraction. With Jon as her lifeline, Sherry uncovers clues that prompt a frightening message from the attacker. Jon knows Sherry’s determined to help catch this criminal, but keeping her safe is his top priority. Followed by making her his bride.

Read an excerpt HERE!



Published:  June 1, 2016

One secret can change everything

It’s been eight years since Liam Goetz has seen his ex-fiancé. Vanessa Epperson had everything: beauty, brains…and a family fortune. He chose her, while she chose a life of luxury and never imagined their paths would cross again. An unexpected phone call from Vanessa—desperate for his help in a human trafficking case—ressurects old longings. As they work together to save hostages and catch a predator, Liam begins to learn some shocking truths—about himself and the woman he thought he once knew so well…

Read an excerpt HERE!



Published:  July 1, 2016

He was a man of action—especially when it came to protecting his new undercover partner… 

 At ninenteen, Andrea Gordon’s life was forever changed. After proving herself instrumental in a bank hostage crisis, she became one of Omega Sector’s top agents. Four years later, her skill at reading people is unrivaled—until she meets fellow profiler Brandon Han. Paired together to track a serial killer who has been targeting exotic dancers, the two become entangled beyond the case. Their mutual attraction deepens as they get closer to the truth. But when Andrea’s own sordid past surfaces, they will both be forced to question everything about the assignment…and each other.

Read an excerpt HERE!



Published:  December 1, 2016

He lost her once. He won’t lose her again. 

Despite an illustrious career as a top hostage negotiator, Joe Matarazzo is haunted by the past. It was a year ago that three innocent lives were lost under his watch. But Joe isn’t the only one who remembers that day. When Joe’s exes begin to fall victim to a violent stalker, Joe seeks the help of Laura Birchwood—a lawyer and the woman he once loved. Despite old wounds, Laura agrees to help Joe find out who’s framing him. And while they expect to be met with danger, they’re unprepared for passion that still burns strong, and their determination to give what was between them a second chance.

Read an excerpt HERE!


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** REVIEW ** EAGLE WARRIOR by Jenna Kernan

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** REVIEW **  EAGLE WARRIOR by Jenna KernanEagle Warrior by Jenna Kernan
Series: Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on February 1, 2017
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Could protecting her mean protecting the enemy?

As a former US Marine, Turquoise Guardian Ray Strong is no stranger to high-risk situations. But when he is assigned to protect Morgan Hooke—a single mother and daughter to the Apache who killed a mass gunman—Ray suspects there is more to his mission than meets the eye. Is Morgan an innocent bystander, or the keeper of her father's secrets and blood money? Despite his better instincts, Ray feels a powerful attraction to Morgan. Motivated by love and the loss of his own parents and best friend, Ray will do anything to keep her out of the hands of unseen enemies.

An attention grabber!  This fast paced book takes us from one danger to another as a tribesman tries to keep a mother and daughter safe from the fallout after the mass shooting and retribution that occurred previously on the reservation.  I really enjoyed the connection between the main characters, and think this might be my favorite book yet in this series!  It was exciting yet sweet as they ran from danger while falling in love at the same time!

Morgan Hooke claims to have had no idea that her father was going to kill the man who committed the mass shooting at the mine, but the authorities aren’t sure they can believe her.  She’s a single mother with a daughter to support, and she could definitely put the money they think he was paid to good use!

Former Marine Ray Strong is brought in by one of his fellow Turquoise Guardians to keep her and her daughter safe.  Ray has his own demons that he’s outrunning, so he’s not one to condemn someone without having all the info.  He steps up to protect them as danger surfaces, and can’t deny the powerful attraction that rears it’s head during their close quarters!