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* Review * TAMING THE TEXAN by Jules Bennett

* Review * TAMING THE TEXAN by Jules BennettTaming the Texan by Jules Bennett
Series: Billionaires and Babies
Published by Harlequin Desire on January 1, 2018
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Stranded with a rich, rugged rancher…

Single mom Alexa Rodriguez’s first child-free vacation in years is supposed to be low-key. But then she meets brooding Texas rancher Hayes Elliott. Heir to an empire and suffering deep emotional pain, he tries to push her away—even as she craves his touch. And when a storm strands them together, their undeniable chemistry explodes. Now Alexa finds herself introducing Hayes to her precious son, imagining herself in Hayes’s world and keeping secrets that could destroy everything…


She’s out of her comfort zone, he’d rather hide-away from the world … but when circumstances have them stuck together during a storm, sparks fly and passion ignites! This was a super quick, fun read! He’s surly and has a few reasons for being that way … she hasn’t had the best luck in life, but is happily willing to try again as long as her little one is along for the ride. It doesn’t take long for them to grab our attention … and our hearts … on a wild ride towards forever!

When her best friend pretty much forces her to take a vacation by stealing her kid and buying the getaway, single mom Alexa Rodriguez doesn’t know how she’s going to pass the time! She decides to look around at some of the offerings at the B & B and stumbles into neighbor Hayes Elliott at the stable.

War-hero Hayes Elliott isn’t happy to see a stranger on his land, but when he finds out she’s a guest over at his sister-in-law’s B & B, he realizes he’s going to have to play nice. He would much rather not have to interact with outsiders while he’s still being plagued by PTSD and heartache after returning home. Alexa surprises him though and is way too tempting to resist! They soon find themselves taking opportunities to see each other again and she even introduces him to her son … but there’s a major secret blowing in the wind between them … when he finds out what she knows and didn’t share, will they be able to salvage a relationship or will he use the info to his advantage and delve back into his shell again?


* Review * SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE by Rachel Gibson

* Review * SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE by Rachel GibsonSimply Irresistible by Rachel Gibson
Series: Chinooks Hockey Team #1
Published by Avon on March 20, 2012
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Georgeanne Howard leaves her fiancé at the altar when she realizes she can't marry a man old enough to be her grandfather, no matter how rich he is. Hockey superstar John Kowalsky unknowingly helps her escape, and only when it's too late does he realize that he's absconded with his boss's bride. This bad boy isn't looking to be anybody's savior but his own. Still, a long night stretches ahead of them—a night too sultry to resist temptation.

Seven years later, Georgeanne and John meet again. She is on her way to becoming Seattle's domestic darling and he is past his hellraising days. Shocked to learn that he has a daughter, John's determined to be part of her life. Georgeanne has loved John since the moment she jumped into his car, but will he risk the wrath of his boss, and one final chance at glory, to prove that this time his love will be everlasting?


A quirky story of life, lust and eventually a happily ever after! The main characters are fairly well developed, but there was a side plot of Mae/Ray that I found to be a bit distracting. For a hockey romance, there wasn’t really much of a hockey context involved, but it was an entertaining read.

The moment Georgeanne Howard decided to run out on her wedding, her life was changed forever! Her unknowing hero whisks her away into a night of temptation too steamy to be denied.

When hockey player John Kowalsky realizes that the woman he helped into his car is none other than the soon-to-be bride of his boss, he’s fit to be tied! Heads are going to roll if this ever gets out … namely his!

Seven years later, their lives are in totally different places when they meet by happenstance again. John has settled down from his wild ways that somewhat stemmed from a past that she knew nothing about back when they were first together … and Georgeanne has made something of herself in the culinary world. When John accidentally finds out about the daughter they share, Georgie is determined not to let the guy that hurt her do the same to her daughter. She doesn’t need his help and doesn’t appreciate him trying to insinuate himself into her happy life! John isn’t going to take no for an answer when it comes to a kid that is just as much his as hers … will the fireworks lead to a feud worthy of the tabloids, or will they figure out a way to work together towards a better future?


* Review * HER SOLDIER OF FORTUNE by Michelle Major

* Review * HER SOLDIER OF FORTUNE by Michelle MajorHer Soldier of Fortune by Michelle Major
Series: The Fortunes of Texas: The Rulebreakers
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on January 1, 2018
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Nate doesn’t know what kind of trouble Bianca is in

He only knows that he is honor-bound to protect her. He owes her brother that much. And ever since Nate Fortune found out he is related to the world-renowned Texas family, he’s braced for the unexpected. But nothing could have prepared the former navy SEAL for the reappearance of Bianca Shaw. The shy teenager Nate used to know as “Busy Bee” has blossomed into a beautiful young woman—and she’s just arrived at his Paseo ranch with a suitcase and her four-year-old son in tow.

Bianca isn’t sure she should get lost in the arms of a man whose embrace feels so much like home. Because this soldier’s heart holds secrets, and Bianca wonders if her dreams of family are too good to be true…


Two weary souls find a soft place to land, but will secrets tear them apart before they even begin?? With the first delve into the Fortunes of Texas new sub-series The Rulebreakers, Michelle Major steals our heart as she’s often known to do with a cast of lovable characters. A war-hero left with more wounds on the inside than on the out, a loving mother who needs a support system in life, and an adorable little tyke who steals scene after scene … the plot is well balanced with enough joy and romance to carry us through the strife that threatens the happily ever after we’re all looking for. A really enjoyable read!

Bianca Shaw’s life hasn’t been going so great lately … her beloved brother was killed at war, her no-good husband walked out on her, and now she’s really hit hard times.  She could really use a helping hand right about now, and she can’t think of any other place to go except for to the one person her brother told her would always be there for her … his best friend Nate Fortune.

Nate’s life has been in a bit of a turmoil lately as well. He’s still suffering from PTSD from that last mission in Afghanistan that didn’t bring her brother home, and he’s carrying a whole lot of survivor’s guilt in his heart. He was also thrown for a loop to learn that the father they thought had died years ago is actually alive and well and a surprise member of the renowned Texas Fortune family! When Bianca shows up at his door with a suitcase and her son in tow, he doesn’t hesitate to take her in … but will she be more than his aching heart can handle?


* Review * SLAMMED by Victoria Denault

* Review * SLAMMED by Victoria DenaultSlammed by Victoria Denault
Series: San Francisco Thunder #2
Published by Forever on December 5, 2017
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Not every goalie plays it safe...

As a publicist for the San Francisco Thunder hockey team, Dixie Braddock is too busy rescuing the players from trouble to get into any of her own. Except, of course, when it comes to the super hot new goalie. Because when a guy's kiss curls your toes and sets your heart on fire, how the hell do you just walk away? But if anyone ever catches them together, she'll lose her job faster than any slapshot.

Eli Casco is on the brink of having everything he ever wanted. He's finally been called up from the minor leagues to play on a championship team. And he just had the most mind-blowing night with the woman of his dreams. But now that he's an official Thunder player, Dixie is determined to keep her distance. None of the fame and fortune means anything to him without her to share it. If he truly wants Dixie in his life, it's time to throw down his gloves and put everything on the line.


Flirting leads to more than they bargained for in the next San Francisco Thunder novel! Eli and Dixie grabbed my attention from the very start with their adorable flirtiness of semi-forbidden lust! As I got deeper into each of their back stories, it made me grow even fonder of each of them. He had a past trauma that haunted him no matter how much he tried to overcome it, she had a heartache happening that she had no control over … each looking for comfort in their own way, but finding the strength to support the other through their things before even helping themselves. I really loved this story … it was sweet, sassy and steamy … and best of all, full of hockey studs!

Dixie Braddock is living the life now that she’s become a permanent publicist for the San Francisco Thunder hockey team! She loves her job and the most of the people around her … only one part of her life is bringing her down, and there’s nothing she can do to control it.

Elijah Casco is instantly attracted to Dixie when he is called up for one game from the Thunder’s farm team. Once he returns back to his own team, they continue to text and talk and have a major flirt fest going on. A publicity jaunt that brings them together is the perfect place for them to act on their attraction … but when they return to reality, they find out that Eli has been called up to the Thunder … and their relationship is now forbidden!


* Review * THE BAD GIRL AND THE BABY by Nina Croft

* Review * THE BAD GIRL AND THE BABY by Nina CroftThe Bad Girl and the Baby by Nina Croft
Series: Cutting Loose #3
Published by Entangled: Brazen on December 4, 2017
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Captain Matt Peterson prides himself on being able to handle anything...until he winds up as the guardian of his baby niece, Lulu. Two years and six nannies later, his well-ordered existence is in chaos. Still, he’s all Lulu has. Except, well...there is an aunt...

Darcy Butler has spent the last three years in prison for beating up her abusive brother-in-law. Her only regret is that she didn’t hurt him worse and stop him from killing her sister in a drunken car crash six months later. But now, Darcy just wants to rebuild her life. Starting with finding her sister’s child.

But Matt doesn't want an ex-con with a record for violence anywhere near Lulu. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to keep away from Darcy, himself. Despite their differences, their chemistry is combustible...and the sex is incredible! Still, it can’t possibly last. Can it?


Turmoil, compassion and lust are just a few of the exciting things Nina Croft stirs up in the latest book from her Cutting Loose Series! The characters we’ve met previously in this series have been really fun with intriguing back stories, and this one is no different! She understandably has a major chip on her shoulder, and he’s so uptight he might never even give her a chance … but all bets are off when she reaches out and gives him the info he needs to open his eyes and let her be in her niece’s life! A really great read … it’s feisty yet has a warm, gentle side as well … it’s steamy, yet endearing at the same time … and best of all, it’ll steal your heart from start to finish!

Darcy Butler is fresh out of a three year prison sentence for pounding on her abusive brother-in-law. She only wishes she had done more permanent damage that would have stopped him from killing her sister in a drunk-driving accident a few months later and leaving her niece an orphan! She promised her sister she’d make sure LuLu was okay if anything ever happened to her, and she’s trying to do just that … only hear guardian’s lawyer keeps putting up road blocks!

Army Captain, Matt Peterson has been juggling a lot for the last two years since he became the only family little LuLu had left and turned his world upside down to take her in. He knows her aunt has been trying to see her, but he doesn’t want an ex-con with a record of violence anywhere near her, so he’s been letting his lawyer handle it. When Darcy tracks him down and sets him straight on exactly what happened with his brother, he’s left with no other option than to let her at least see their niece. As he watches her fall under adorable LuLu’s spell, he can’t help but feel attracted to the woman she actually is, and all that she’s dealt with to be the person she is today!