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* Review * THE RANCHER’S BABY by Maisey Yates

* Review * THE RANCHER’S BABY by Maisey YatesThe Rancher's Baby by Maisey Yates
Series: Texas Cattleman's Club: The Impostor
Published by Harlequin Desire on January 1, 2018
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She’s having her best friend’s baby…

When a torrid, possibly dangerous scandal comes to Royal, Texas, Selena Jacobs is nearly caught in the middle. Until her best friend Knox McCoy ensures her safety—by moving in! Selena has loved Knox for years, but she’s never had the courage to tell him. Now the sparks she’s tried to smother burn out of control…and leave her pregnant. But with the pain in his past, will Knox finally take a chance on love…with her?


Secrets abound! With the first book in a new spin-off of the infamous Texas Cattleman’s Club, Maisey Yates lays the ground work for the mystery surrounding The Imposter series. It was a tad confusing and threw us for a bit of a loop from the start, but it definitely planted some intrigue in our mind. Looking forward to finding out more as the series plays out!

Selena Jacobs is grateful to have her best friend by her side as she faces a trying time in her life. Knox McCoy has always been there through thick and thin, but she’s never had the courage to admit her love for him. Wrong time, wrong place seems to be the motto of their attraction … she laid the groundwork of walking away first, then by the time she was ready to admit to feelings, he was with someone else … and so it played out for years. Suddenly in close proximity again with emotions running high, the guessing games finally come to a head with a powerful attraction not to be denied!  Knox has suffered too much loss in his life to be ready to take a chance on love again … will the baby they made be enough to change his mind?


* Review * BARRELED OVER by Jenna Sutton

* Review * BARRELED OVER by Jenna SuttonBarreled Over by Jenna Sutton
Series: Trinity Distillery #1
on December 26, 2017
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Ready for another round?

Ava Grace Landy’s music career is humming along until a shakeup at her label jeopardizes her recording contract and curses her with the world’s worst boss. Determined to satisfy him, she partners with Trinity Distillery to access a larger male audience. To her surprise, she’s the one who’s satisfied—by none other than Jonah Beck, the gorgeous, yet gruff man behind the bourbon.

No doubt about it, bourbon runs in Beck’s blood. But it’s audacious Ava Grace who makes it run hot. When she signs on as the spokesperson for his craft distillery, he doesn’t plan on hoisting her onto an oak barrel and rocking the rickhouse. Though he’s convinced their lives don’t mix—like a terrible cocktail—he can’t keep his hands off the alluring country star.

Ava Grace and Beck try to keep their intoxicating relationship private, but the glare of her fame is too bright, revealing secrets they both want to remain hidden. With a spotlight shining on his tumultuous past, their future is at risk. Now they must decide if being together is worth sacrificing the career she loves and the company he’s poured his heart and soul into.


Opposites attract … and ignite! With the first book in her new Trinity Distillery series, Jenna Sutton takes us along for the ride as we meet the men behind this bourbon distillery. The backstory is built up nicely for Beck and the characters we meet are fun and sassy. The heat between Beck and AG is sexy with a side of sweet. I really enjoyed the first in the series and look forward to more!

Country music sweetheart Ava Grace Landry is happily basking in her dream come true career when all of a sudden a shake-up at her record label leaves her with an obnoxious jerk of a boss who’s threatening to dump her contract if she doesn’t increase her male audience demographic! She needs help … and fast!

Jonah Beck is only slightly hesitant at the idea of bringing Ava Grace on as the spokesperson for his Trinity bourbon. Her appeal with definitely draw in the male buyer, but the instantaneous attraction he feels to her might be a problem! They know their lifestyles don’t exactly mix, but that doesn’t stop the sparks that fly every time they are in the same proximity. They try to keep their relationship private, but the press are always near … when secrets are exposed and scandal ensues, will what they’re feeling for each other be worth risking everything for?