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* Review * THE BABY CLAIM by Catherine Mann

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE BABY CLAIM by Catherine MannThe Baby Claim by Catherine Mann
Series: Alaskan Oil Barons
Published by Harlequin Desire on February 1, 2018
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From a family feud…to a one-night stand ending in heartbreak.

Now will these rivals get a second chance at love?

Rugged oil tycoon Broderick has avoided temptation for years. But an abandoned baby forces him back into his ex-lover’s world. He needs Glenna. For the child, for himself…for untangling the ties that bind their families. For discovering who the baby’s father really is. But will their passion survive the truth?


Can the infamous feud between the Steele’s and the Mikkelson’s actually be mended? Circumstances beyond their control have Broderick and Glenna stepping in to bridge the gap between their siblings as business discussions lead to more when a baby is abandoned in front of them. Whose baby is it? And what will the possibilities bring to these two families? There were a few places that I think could have been built up more to give a more complete love story, but overall this was a fast-paced, fun kick-off to this new series and gave us not only the background of our main characters, but also a good foundation for the siblings stories to come in the future books. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more!

Broderick Steele has lusted after Glenna since back in their college days when they stole a magical weekend away from their life-long family feud. He’s tried his best to steer clear of her temptation as they both went on to become big-wigs in their competitive family businesses in the Alaskan oil industry, but with the shock-wave that has just hit both of their families, close-quarters are unavoidable.

Glenna Mikkelson-Powers has lost a lot in recent years and when the baby of her dreams winds up plopped into her lap, she won’t let anything stand in the way of making sure she’s safe and cared for while her paternity is figured out. With Broderick right by her side, they bond over this adorable tyke and dream of the what-ifs from their past fondness for each other. Can their family feud truly be on it’s way to being over? And does that mean the feelings they have hidden from their minds for all of these years can finally be free to fly?


* Review * HEAD COACH by Lia Riley

* Review * HEAD COACH by Lia RileyHead Coach by Lia Riley
Series: Hellions Angels #2
Published by Avon Impulse on November 21, 2017
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Neve Angel’s life is all work and no play, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. One of Denver’s top sports reporters, she's fought hard to make it in a male-dominated world, and she won’t back down from a fight with anyone–not even the Hellions’ gruff head coach, Tor Gunnar. Her hostile relationship with the icy Scandinavian is the stuff of local legend.

Tor Gunnar hates dealing with the media; at best, they are a nuisance and at worst, a distraction. And no one distracts him more than the scrappy, sexy reporter who gets him hot under the collar. When he wins a not-so-friendly bet with Neve, he decides it’s high time they either kiss or kill each other, and invites her as a date to an out-of-town wedding.

But what happens when enemies become lovers? Will they be able to smother their sizzling attraction, or is it time to start playing for keeps?


Opposites attract … and heat up the ice! With the latest in her Hellions Angels hockey series, Lia Riley brings us the coach’s story filled with laughter, snark and lots of spice! The characters are really fun to get to know and watch interact with each other and the plot draws you in quickly. There are a few holes in there that could have filled in a little more story, but overall it was a really fun and enjoyable read!

As one of the top sports reporters in Denver, Neve Angel works hard to keep her readers happy and stay one step ahead of the game. She’s all too aware of the fact that she’s a woman in a man’s world when working the hockey beat, so she doesn’t hesitate to get in there and get the job done no matter who she has to sweet talk, or who she has to irritate … namely the coach who she has a hate-hate relationship with!

As the head coach of the Hellions, Tor Gunnar has his fair share of stress without an intrusive reporter constantly being under his nose trying to get him to say something that she can use to further her smear campaign of him. She gets under his skin more than anything else in the world … and yes, as much as he hates to admit it, part of it is fueled by lust! When he snidely wins a little unfriendly bet, he cashes in by coercing her into accompanying him to an out of town wedding … as his date. When enemies become lovers, sparks will definitely fly!


* Review * MISSING IN BLUE MESA by Cindi Myers

* Review * MISSING IN BLUE MESA by Cindi MyersMissing in Blue Mesa by Cindi Myers
Series: The Ranger Brigade: Family Secrets
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on February 1, 2018
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A cult, a missing infant…

And a fearless lawman

To prove her sister’s murder, Michelle Munson infiltrates the cult led by “Prophet” Daniel Metwater. Having endured a tough life in foster care, she’s fiercely independent and distrustful of police. But when her baby disappears, she knows she’s come too close to learning Metwater’s secrets, and turns to Ranger Ethan Reynolds for justice. Facing down harrowing danger in Colorado’s wilderness, the resolute lawman fights to protect Michelle…and open her heart.


Vanished into thin air! Intrigue abounds from the start as we are brought into the fold quickly to realize the heroine is pretending to be something she’s not in order to find info on what happened to her sister. She’s taking daring chances and it comes back to bite her early in the book. If you’ve read any of this series previously, you will recognize the cult they are investigating as well as some of the other task force cops. The story was exciting and the characters easy to connect with. Looking forward to the next book in the series!

When Michelle Munson joins Daniel Metwater’s cult of happy followers, she has a goal in her sights. She plans to find proof that he and/or his brother murdered her sister and somehow made it look like an accident. She knows she’s gotten too close when Daniel catches her doing some sleuthing and shortly after her infant son comes up missing!

Task force member, Ethan Reynolds and his team have had their eyes on Metwater’s goings-ons for awhile and are eager to have an inside source to things that might be going on in that camp. When Michelle comes to him for help after her son is taken, they tentatively agree to help each other. Close quarters lead to strong attraction … but she doesn’t trust cops, so can he actually convince her that he’s an okay guy?