BOOK REVIEW – A Moment to Love – Jennifer Faye

5 STARS! I really enjoyed this book!  Jennifer Faye did a wonderful job of creating Whistle Stop, New Mexico into a town you want to visit and settle … [Continue reading]

RELEASE BLITZ – BOOK REVIEW/GIVEAWAY – Dream Caller – Michelle Sharp

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BOOK REVIEW – Clandestine Christmas – Elle James

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BOOK REVIEW – A Reason to Remember – Leigh Duncan

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BOOK REVIEW – Take the Storm – Rebecca Zanetti – Rising Storm Episode 6

4 STARS! This episode deals with whether Marisol will ever agree to date Patrick, or whether she will continue to live her life for her siblings.  We … [Continue reading]

RELEASE BLAST/BOOK REVIEW/GIVEAWAY – Wishes for Christmas – Fern Michaels

4 STARS! This book is broken into 3 parts.  They each tell their own story, but there is some connection of characters along the way.  I found the … [Continue reading]

BOOK REVIEW – Her Secret Christmas Hero – Mallory Kane

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BOOK REVIEW – Lucky Kiss – Melanie Shawn

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BOOK REVIEW – Caught – Clare James

5 STARS! LOVED this book!  It's super hot and steamy from the very first page, and I loved the characters.  He's supposed to be some stuck up famous … [Continue reading]

BOOK REVIEW – Second Chance Family – Leigh Duncan

5 STARS! A great second chance at love story that is well written and makes you feel immersed into the story as you read along. Travis Oak is a Phys … [Continue reading]