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* Review * UNDERCOVER ATTRACTION by Katee Robert

* Review * UNDERCOVER ATTRACTION by Katee RobertUndercover Attraction by Katee Robert
Series: The O'Malleys #5
Published by Forever on November 28, 2017
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Scandal. Wealth. Power. Seduction. Welcome to the world of the O'Malleys.

Ex-cop Charlotte Finch used to think there was a clear line between right and wrong. Then her fellow officers betrayed her, and the world is no longer so black and white. Especially when it's Aiden O'Malley, one of the most dangerous men in Boston, who offers her a chance for justice. The only catch: she'll have to pretend to be his fiancée for his plan to work.

Aiden can't afford to let anyone see the man behind the mask. To run the O'Malley empire, he has to be cool and controlled at all times. But the moment he meets Charlie, they're playing with fire. Her slightest touch is enough to send him over the edge. At first their "engagement" was a way to eliminate his enemies. Now he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe-- even if he has to destroy his own family to do it.


Captivating, breathtakingly sexy and a delve into the forbidden! Katee Roberts takes us for a wild ride of lust, revenge and power with her latest book in the mob-filled life of The OMalleys! If you’ve read previous books in the series, you will definitely recognize the family members and their enemies as they are mentioned, but you can easily pick it up and read it and enjoy it without having read previous ones.  You will miss out on some of the feelings that those earlier books unearthed, but this book is still a strikingly powerful strand-alone! The characters catch our attention and leave us waiting to see if they will become more than friendly enemies … but the wait doesn’t last long! The plot keeps us turning the pages to see what’s going to happen and who’s going to pay for the crimes that have been committed. It also sets us up nicely for the next story … I can’t wait!

Charlotte Finch was living the life she’d always dreamed of as an NYPD cop and fulfilling her family destiny, until one day the rug was pulled out from under her when she was set up by her fellow boys in blue to take a fall and be coined a dirty cop. Nothing she said or did helped her once she was wrongly labeled. Now she’s just living day by day burning up inside from the injustice. When she’s approached by a man she knows for a fact is one of the most dangerous in all of Boston, she truly hesitates before she agrees to his plan … but when someone is offering her the chance at revenge for the man that took her down, how can she really resist??

Aiden O’Malley has been running the family ever since his Dad stepped down and went out of town to regroup. He’s making enemies in and out of the family, but no matter how much he cares for his siblings, he has to do things that he doesn’t want to do in order for the good of the overall family and organization. Bringing Charlie home as his make believe fiancee is going to set off fireworks for sure, but if she can help him set up the take-down off the century on the enemy who has his sights set on his little sister, it will all be worth it! What he doesn’t expect however, is her to turn him upside down and have him wishing with all of his might that he could keep her as his very own!


* Review * MISSION: MEMORY RECALL by Virginia Vaughan

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * MISSION: MEMORY RECALL by Virginia VaughanMission: Memory Recall by Virginia Vaughan
Series: Rangers Under Fire
Published by Love Inspired Suspense on January 1, 2018
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Nothing's more dangerous than fall in love

CIA analyst Bethany Bryant has risked her career to prove her former love, soldier Marcus Allen, actually survived a military ambush -- and betrayed his country. But when she finally tracks the rugged army ranger to a remote Texas town, Marcus doesn't remember who he is ... or why someone's trying to kill him. With an assailant determined to silence them both for good, Bethany and Marcus must go on the run in the hope he'll regain his memories. But will Bethany's risky gambit to expose the truth clear his name and give them a future ... or end their second chance at forever?


Action packed from the first page! She thought their romance was prematurely ended with his death … until news came to light that led her to believe he betrayed her and his country and faked his death. She has devoted her life to tracking him down … and now that she has, will she believe the story he has to tell? The characters are easy to relate to, the plot is exciting and keeps us guessing who is guilty of what throughout … great read!

CIA analyst Bethany Bryant thinks she has finally tracked down the fugitive she has devoted her life to hunting down for the last two years … her former love, Marcus Allen. Devastation over his loss was nothing compared to the betrayal and heartbreak she felt when she found out he had snookered not only her, but also the country he had sworn to serve. She wants nothing more than for him to be brought to justice once and for all for his desertion!

When Marcus gets called out of the kitchen at the diner he works at because a customer says she knows him, he’s thrilled! He’s been trying to get answers as to who he is and where he belongs for 2 years now, but keeps hitting dead ends. Could this be the answers he’s been praying for? He’s not so sure, because almost as soon as he steps foot beside her, danger rears it’s ugly head in the form of bullets tearing through the window. Who wants the secrets he wants to remember so badly to be kept silent once and for all?


* Blog Tour / Review * BAYSIDE’S MOST UNEXPECTED BRIDE by Kerri Carpenter

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Blog Tour / Review * BAYSIDE’S MOST UNEXPECTED BRIDE by Kerri CarpenterBayside's Most Unexpected Bride by Kerri Carpenter
Series: Saved by the Blog
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on January 1, 2018
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Always a Blogger. Never a Bride?

Word on the street is that Sawyer Wallace, editor in chief of our favorite—but financially strapped—local paper, has been offered a hot deal to save the Bayside Bugle! All he’s got to do is reveal the identity of the Bayside Blogger. Even if doing so means losing Riley Hudson, his oldest friend. And, maybe, the woman making him rethink his singleton status!

Riley’s just as crazy about her best bud and boss—which is why she’s always kept him at a distance. Plus, only Sawyer knows her real identity. Talk about compromising positions… Would revealing the truth destroy their chance at leaving the friendzone? Or perhaps there will be wedding bells for this couple, who truly are meant for each other!


Sweet & sassy! With a fitting wrap up, Kerri Carpenter brings us the final book in her Saved by the Blog series. It’s a heartwarming story of overcoming past adversity to allow yourself to reach for the life  you’ve always wanted. A friends to lovers/falling for the boss trope leads us into Riley’s story. We’ve been waiting for the big reveal of the mysterious blogger’s identity, so it’s no surprise when that happens just as we expected. The characters are all familiar from the past books in the series, and the happily ever after is sweet!

Owner/Editor of the town treasure, the Bayside Bugle, is trying his best to keep things at an even keel even though the newspaper is in dire financial straits. He’s tried everything he knows of to keep the institution afloat, but times are tougher than ever. When a saving grace offer comes in right before he might have to start laying employees off, it seems like a no-brainer to grab it with both hands … until he hears the benefactor’s stipulation … he wants to know who the Bayside Blogger is!

Riley Hudson loves her job and the town she lives in, and if her tidbits of gossip lead to happily ever afters for her friends … all the better! When sparks start flying harder than ever between Sawyer and her, she’s not sure how to handle it. She really likes him, but she’s been bit by the boss/employee situation in the past and doesn’t want to relive that nightmare. Will she decide to take the chance on love?






To save his family’s newspaper, Sawyer Wallace has to decide if he can out his best friend, Riley Hudson, who’s been gossiping about everyone in town as the Bayside Blogger. Will revealing the truth destroy their chance at happily ever after? Find out in this delightful & playful novel by award-winning romance author Kerri Carpenter.



About Bayside’s Most Unexpected Bride:

Title: Bayside’s Most Unexpected Bride
Author: Kerri Carpenter
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 1, 2018
Publisher: Harlequin, Special Edition
Series: Saved by the Blog
Format: Digital eBook / Print
Digital ISBN: 9781488093388
Print ISBN: 9781335465535


Always a Blogger. Never a Bride?

Word on the street is that Sawyer Wallace, editor in chief of our favorite—but financially strapped—local paper, has been offered a hot deal to save the Bayside Bugle! All he’s got to do is reveal the identity of the Bayside Blogger. Even if doing so means losing Riley Hudson, his oldest friend. And, maybe, the woman making him rethink his singleton status!

Riley’s just as crazy about her best bud and boss—which is why she’s always kept him at a distance. Plus, only Sawyer knows her real identity. Talk about compromising positions… Would revealing the truth destroy their chance at leaving the friendzone? Or perhaps there will be wedding bells for this couple, who truly are meant for each other!


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“Hey, boss. What’s up?”

He steepled his hands on his desk and peered at her with his dreamy hazel eyes.

Damn. Dreamy? She meant irritating. Beady even.

The weather was unseasonably cold already and he was sporting a pair of corduroy pants and a somewhat ugly argyle sweater that she knew had been a Christmas gift from his mother last year. Not the most stylish of outfits and yet somehow he looked like he’d walked out of the pages of an L.L.Bean catalog. Just because he was tall with broad shoulders and had really cute sandy-brown hair that flopped on his head because he needed a haircut. And today he was wearing his glasses. What was it about a large lumberjack-looking man who wore glasses? Why did that make her stomach twist up into knots? And then there was his lopsided smile…

What in the heck was she doing? This was Sawyer Wallace, lifelong friend and, more importantly, boss. She couldn’t size him up like a piece of meat. Especially because they worked together. Especially because of what had happened to her in New York.

“Riley,” he began.

“Sawyer,” she countered, and bit her lip in anticipation.

He reached into his top desk drawer and pulled out a colorful silk scarf. “Before I forget, Tony found this at The Brewside. Said you left it there a couple of weeks ago and he kept forgetting to give it to you.”

She reached for the bright yellow scarf with lime-green polka dots. One of her favorites.

“Thanks,” she mumbled. “Tony must have given this to you while you were on your date.” She used air quotes for the word date and wiggled her eyebrows.

Sawyer exhaled a long breath.

“What?” she asked, feigning innocence.

“‘Bayside’s forever bachelor’?” he quoted. “Really?”

She shrugged.

“I thought I told you to keep me out of the Bayside Blogger’s column.”

Copyright © 2018 Bayside’s Most Unexpected Bride by Kerri Carpenter



Other Books in the Saved by the Blog series:

Falling for the Right Brother

Saved by the blog!

This just in, fair readers! Chic and stunning, that gorgeous new woman about town is none other than our very own little Ellie–now Elle–Owens. She’s a far cry from the frumpy, bookish student we used to know, but then, living in Italy will do that to a girl! Still, this blogger can’t forget the infamous video that caused her to leave!

Apparently Miss Elle has been spotted with yummy contractor Cam Dumont…but we thought her heart belonged to his little brother. Are Cam and Elle a new couple? They were seen cooling their passions in the bay…in April! If this is love, let’s hope she’s swimming with the right brother. The Bayside Blogger will keep you posted.

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Bidding on the Bachelor


Another roll of the dice

Big news, fair readers! Bayside High’s favorite It Girl is back. Would you have bet Clarissa Blackwell would ever return? Ten years ago, she crushed Jasper Dumont’s heart under her Jimmy Choos and left town for a bigger, better life. Her return raises one question: What is she running from (or is it to) now?

Perhaps Jasper knows? One look at Carissa and he fell in the bay! (Rich, single and devastatingly handsome, Jasper’s our catch of the day.) That icy plunge should have brought him to his senses, yet “Casper” has been spotted together all over town. Does this mean Bayside’s legendary couple may reunite? The stakes are high, but the Bayside Blogger’s money is riding on love!

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Available: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes


Award-winning romance author Kerri Carpenter writes contemporary romances that are sweet, sexy, and sparkly. When she’s not writing, Kerri enjoys reading, cooking, watching movies, taking Zumba classes, rooting for Pittsburgh sports teams, and anything sparkly. Kerri lives in Northern Virginia with her adorable (and mischievous) rescued poodle mix, Harry. Visit Kerri at her website, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or subscribe to her newsletter.

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* Review * TEMPTED BY HER GREEK TYCOON by Katrina Cudmore

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * TEMPTED BY HER GREEK TYCOON by Katrina CudmoreTempted by Her Greek Tycoon by Katrina Cudmore
Published by Harlequin Romance on January 1, 2018
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Resisting her boss’s charms…

Loukas Christou needs a wife. For the luxury hotel tycoon, honoring his parents’ memory by acquiring their dream hotel should be simple. But to complete the deal he must be married. Enter temporary PA Georgie Jones, who offers to be his matchmaker!

Georgie never stays anywhere long-term—her mother’s abandonment proved that even the strongest relationships never last. She should be focused on finding Loukas a bride, but resisting the temptation of her Greek tycoon’s kiss is easier said than done!


Opposites attract! She’s happy and carefree … he’s serious and straight-laced — who could ever imagine the pair of them together? With a sweet love connection, we go on the journey of watching these two characters deal with their past guilt and desertion to finally wake up and see what’s standing right in front of them. Even though they think they can walk away with only a few nights together … in the end, it’s not that easy! A sweet story with fairly well developed characters and a fun plot.

Loukas Christou needs a bride … but only a temporary, convenient one! In order to make one of his late father’s dreams come true, he needs to be married to fulfill the contract to purchase a piece of property that would have meant the world to his mother and father. He works hard to keep their memory alive and their business thriving even though he has to fight his brothers and sister tooth and nail to do so sometimes. A wife to help keep his family on the straight and narrow would be an added benefit too!

Recently hired as his new temporary PA, Georgie Jones already has a great relationship with his siblings even if his first impression of her is quite flighty. She can’t deny he’s hunky and sends a thrill throughout her body with just one look, but she’s certainly not the type to do happily ever after. Her past issues lead her to flit from one project to another in life … but surely she can help him out right? Who doesn’t need a personal matchmaker when they’re looking for a convenient bride?


* Review * CONTRACT BRIDE by Kat Cantrell

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * CONTRACT BRIDE by Kat CantrellContract Bride by Kat Cantrell
Series: In Name Only
Published by Harlequin Desire on January 1, 2018
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She’s marrying her billionaire boss…for a green card

All work and no play for reasons he won’t talk about, CEO Warren Garinger keeps his company at the top. And he needs his ace marketing consultant, Australian Tilda Barrett, to stay in the States despite an immigration mix-up. His solution: a marriage in name only. New problem: beneath Tilda’s staid suits and severe buns lies the sexiest woman he’s ever met. Now their brief wedding kiss is all he can think about and Warren vows to not only marry his convenient wife but bed her, too…


Can a marriage of convenience turn into love? Warren doesn’t think that’s even a possibility or he wouldn’t have offered himself up when the mood struck! We recognize most of the supporting cast from the past books in this series, and it’s fun to watch Warren have to let go of his past hangups to actually see the potential in front of him after he held such a grudge over Jonas & Hendrix for falling in love. I really enjoyed this series!

Australian marketing consultant Tilda Barrett finds herself in a real pickle when she learns there is an issue with her work visa and she must return to Australia in two days time and turn her job at Flying Squirrel over to a replacement. A secret past makes it difficult for her to ever return home again … but it doesn’t seem like she has any choice in the matter!

CEO Warren Garinger knows that Tilda is a huge asset in his current campaign to gain Australian market share, so there’s no way he’s letting her be thrown off this project. When all the legal channels turn up no options for them, he decides to take matters into his own hands and offer a temporary marriage solution. Little does he expect his tight-laced new wife to knock his socks off with one glimpse of what she wears under those prim and proper business suits!


* Release Day Blast * FALLING FOR A COWBOY by Karen Rock

Rocky Mountain Cowboys Series
Karen Rock
January 1, 2018
Harlequin Heartwarming


Doesn’t he get that she’s blind?

Barrel racer Amberley James wants to join the premier rodeo circuit more than anything, but she faces the ultimate hurdle when she loses her eyesight to a rare genetic condition. All she’d ever wanted seems out of reach.Giving up is the only option…until her best friend and local hero, Jared Cade steps in. The last thing she wants is Jared’s help. But his persistence at encouraging her to get back in the saddle is ridiculously annoying. And undeniably inspiring…






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“Am I going blind?”

A drumming sound signaled Dr. Hamilton tapping on his desk. Then a long sigh.

“Gene therapy studies are still too early to be conclusive. Amberley, I wish I had a better prognosis. This is a heck of a thing.”

“So—so that’s it?” Amberley’s voice shook.

“We can arrange for a service dog.”

“I don’t need a dog,” she cried. “I need my eyes back.” My life.

“The Lord doesn’t give us more than we can handle—”

Easy for a sighted person to say. Amberley shook off her mother’s hand, shot to her feet, stepped forward, then bumped into the desk with her thigh. Hard. Her teeth ground together. She’d become a hermit these last few weeks for this exact reason. At home, she navigated the space well enough, keeping the tormenting sense of helpless, hopeless at bay.

But here—here she couldn’t hide from it. In the real world, her vision blossomed into a bigger problem and she shrunk into someone incompetent, dependent, weak, a person she never wanted to be.

“I can handle a fifteen-hundred-pound stallion at fifty miles an hour. But this—I can’t deal with this. What am I supposed to do with my life?”

She’d been planning on trying out for the ERA Premier tour team again at their end-of-summer qualifiers. Now she’d never be good enough to ride with them.

Or ride at all…

The life she’d always wanted ended before it’d even started, and she had no contingency plan.